Forgive me Father...

..For I have sinned

29 October
B-wick, Maine, United States
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50 cent, adam brody, ashton kutcher, basketball, bathing suits, belly button rings, ben affleck, ben mckenzie, ben stiller, boys, britney spears, california, cameras, chicken, chinese food, clothes, dancing, eating, flip flops, heavywieghts, hilary duff, josh hartnett, justin timberlake, kissing, laughing, lip gloss, micha barton, movies, nail polish, pickles, pictures, pink, pizza, rachel bilson, rain, shopping, shorts, singing, sleeping, soccer, subway, summer, the o.c, thirteen, thongs, thunderstorms, wet seal, xtina aguilera, yearbooks
Im Tori =] Im cool with everyone as long as they're cool with me. Im pretty open about a lot of stuff so if thats cool with you just ask and im sure i'll add you <33

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